Do you own a website, because if you does then this blog is meant for you so listen carefully.
If you are a site owner, here is a fact:

Not all people love your site, some would probably say that it is boring and lifeless but they just cannot say it in front of your face.
Some maybe said, what a useless site is that but if you are aware of that fact then you better change it. 

You cannot really say that your site is awesome because that is how you see it. You cannot also ask others about how they feel about your site because they will say "it's good" because they just want to play nice.

For you to play safe, you must assume that some people may dislike your site and don't even bother visiting it. 

This is reality and it is true that reality will really hit you hard but all you need to do is to hit reality twice.  

How will you change this fact, we'll there is a simple thing to do. All you need to have is the idea and how to put it into a hard product. When you own a site it's up to you on what you do to it.

I know you are smart enough to plan on what will be the contents of your site, but no offense most of the web owners just don't know how to implement their ideas. 

To implement ideas, you need someone who is good at this kind of things. This someone could be a web designer. Web designer are people who specialized in optimizing and improving a web site. 

Now, I want you to think of an idea. It can be anything then find a web designer to implement it. You don't have to worry to find one because there are lot of companies that offers this kind of service just like  distraktart.com. 

Have it implemented and I am sure you will gain viewers to your site. Don't carry all the responsibilities of the beautification of your site. Lend that responsibility to someone who is experienced.

Did you learn something or do you want to add? I encourage you to comment below so that I will know your thoughts. 


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    May 2013